Unlucky Love In Lonesome Twenty​-​Something Hell

by Damages

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released June 30, 2011

All lyrics by Dominic Vargaz except those denoted by * in individual songs.
All music by DAMAGES



all rights reserved


Damages Grand Rapids, Michigan

maybe in the next world, maybe in the next world.

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Track Name: (Breathe Such Vows As Lovers Use To Swear)
i finally did it, although i hate to admit it. i found validation in self deprecation.

i taped a pretty face on this book to hide the "sorrow-soaked" lines that it holds inside about the three friends who cried and who tried. now one left, one's gone, one's the reason i write...

"i just want to lay down with you and hold you close like lovers do." isn't that what lovers do?

i miss you so much (and i long for your touch) -- if only you knew.
Track Name: Beauty Was Not Meant For Me
those golden hued pictures are lies; memories that left before they were mine. pretty girls with sweetly scented oily hair, white teeth, and thin legs; i know -- it's not fair.

let your lips meet mine while you're still young... please, count my teeth with the tip of your tongue. your love could erase all the songs that i've sung. there's a place i could keep you (if i could just keep you) behind my left lung.

now i've no reason to leave, to feel the sun -- i need only let the hot water run. the force numbs the inadequacy. it dilutes salty tears so i can see there's no you and me.

there is no reason for being here. no reason to confront this fear. no reason to shoot for the moon. you let me leave your mind too soon.

i wish that i hated the way clouds smell, an unlucky love in a lonesome twenty-something hell.

heaven above, what's it made of? pushed and shoved, i'd die to be loved. i'd die to be yours, to hide in your pores. my things in your drawers, the vows that i swore.
Track Name: The Only Lonely Grain Of Sand
walk with me hand in hand and cheek to cheek. a kiss on the lips, and an "i missed you this week". save the date. lets leave this state. too many burnt out lights, too many "sad eyes" nights.

"fuck them", you said, now my walkman is dead. i'd gladly trade those "sorrow-soaked" hymns for your delicate limbs, sweat; stuck to a sheet, play me the cardiac beat.

every night it thunderstormed, and every night -- your breath -- it warmed the back of my neck...

i'm a lovesick wreck.

"everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt". salt water stains on the sleeve of my shirt. some for me, some for you; i thought you knew the final clue: glue me to you.

tears: to soak up.
songs: i choke up.
you: never spoke up

...and then i woke up.